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5 Fantasy Books Everyone Should Read

5 Fantasy Books Everyone Should Read

1. THE HOBBIT - JRR Tolkien

There really isn’t anything more magical than the world’s Tolkien created. I find myself constantly imagining a world where I could walk into The Shire and eat croissants, apples, cheese and wine. Tokien holds my heart for reading, and I believe that The Hobbit is the perfect book. It’s full of adventure, fantastic characters, and many important life lessons. This is also one of those books that has the best first chapter. In Tolkien’s description of the Hobbit Hole, you are a living part of Tolkien’s world, as though his writing is magic enough to transport you into a different universe. 


2. THE EYE OF THE WORLD - Robert Jordan


The Eye of the World is the first volume in the epic series that is The Wheel of Time. I don’t think I have ever read a series (apart from The Lord of the Rings), that has such a complex world and set of characters. There is a whole entire book simply explaining all of the back story, characters, and creatures in/of this amazing series. I’m only on book 5 of 14, but so far this is one of my favorites series of all time. For lovers of complex, and unique EPIC fantasy, this is the series for you. One of the things I find interesting about this series, is although there is a main character, Rand, he is not exactly highlighted in the story. It’s hard to explain. The side characters are almost the main characters. You’d understand what I meant if you’ve read the book. But the book is written in a way that highlights every single aspect of the story, so you almost have to really pay attention and do research to know which thread holds the main plotline. It’s definitely slow burning, and you have to be patient with the story, but it ends up being completely worth it.


3. HALF BAD - Sally Green


I read this book earlier this year, and it is one of the only YA fantasy books that I have completely LOVED (but I haven’t read Throne of Glass yet, so don’t judge me too harshly here). This book is set in a world where there are two warring sects of Witches, White Witches and Black Witches. Nathan, our main character, was born a Half Code: AKA, Half White Witch and Half Black Witch. This story is also a coming of age story, where Nathan tries to figure out where he belongs in this world that is being destroyed by greed and the love of power. Who is good? Who is evil? Is everything what it seems? These are questions you constantly ask yourself while reading this book. I love the characters, and I love how the story constantly twists and turns and keeps you wondering what will happen next. Phenomenal series.


4. THE NIGHT CIRCUS - Erin Morgenstern


This was my favorite book of 2015. I read it for my book club that I was a part of when I was living in Michigan. This book is the perfect fantasy novel if you are just craving magic. The Night Circus is one of the most magical books I have ever read. The romance is perfectly slow burning, and I love that you have to really focus on the story to know exactly what’s going on. The book is written in a scattered timeline, jumping from past to future, to a further past, to present, to deeper into the future again. You really have to pay attention to the dates to understand what is happening in the story, and where you are currently in the timeline of things. This makes for a wonderfully engaging read. This is another book where the side characters really make the book worthwhile. It is captivating and beautiful and just a thoroughly whimsical read.


5. THE NAME OF THE WIND - Patrick Rothfuss


This book got me back on track with my reading lifestyle. During my college years, I fell off the reading wagon a little bit. This was when Depression hit me hard. I slept far too much, and I ate far too little. Rothfuss completely captures the beauty of fantasy in his book The Name of the Wind. His enchanting story caused me to fall back in love with reading, and dive back into the alternate worlds that I have the everyday opportunity to be a part of. This beautiful coming of age story has amazing adventure, superb characters, and best of all, a school of magic. I adored the main character, Kvothe, more than I have enjoyed most protagonists of fantasy novels. He has his faults, and at times seems a little pretentious, but overall, he is real and authentic, incredibly smart and talented, and has some of the best lines in the whole story. He is also loyal and brave: two qualities I admire very much. This book also just has some of the most beautiful, poignant, and thoughtful writing I have ever had the privilege of reading. I’ve never recommended this book to someone who has not thoroughly enjoyed it.  

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