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Happy Fall Ya'll // Five Recommendations For Your Autumn TBR

Happy Fall Ya'll // Five Recommendations For Your Autumn TBR

Although I've not yet caught on to the contagious autumnal spirit (due to 85 degree weather on my side of the planet), I decided it would be beneficial to the rest of you - some of whom already have snow - to make a fall recommendations post. 

Fall is a magical time of year: bonfires, sweaters, homemade donuts, and hot apple cider. What makes this time of year even more special, is a cozy book pairing to go along with all of these delightful Autumn treats.

I am going to recommend to you 5 books that would be perfect additions to your TBR for the upcoming fall months.

Her Body and Other Parties // Carmen Maria Machado

This caustic and deeply dark short story collection is the perfect addition to your To Be Read shelf for this fall. Carmen Maria Machado's collection that was released on October 3rd, has already been named a finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction.

This book has been often compared to Kelly Link and Karen Russell's work, and if these authors are favorites of yours, then Her Body and Other Parties will likely be right up your alley. 

It is a strange combination of horror and erotica, with a tasteful punch of feminism in each story. 

When She Woke // Hillary Jordan

This book is set in a dystopian universe in which the conviction of a crime results in one being chromed a certain color, dedicated to the crime committed.

The main character, Hannah, has been chromed the color red to identify her as one who has committed murder. Hannah has been colored red, because of her choice to abort an unwanted pregnancy. You follow Hannah as she goes through various trials, and as she attempts to escape the reality that has become her world.

This book is timely, and important, and perfect for lovers of the Handmaid's Tale and other feminist/dystopian fiction.

The Name of the Wind // Robert Jordan

This cozy fantasy adventure story is perfect for any time of year, but is especially enjoyable during the colder months that are quickly approaching. This story has multiple settings, which are all dream fantasy locations: a magic school, nomadic life on the road, a medieval village, and a rustic inn run by our protagonist, Kvothe. 

Rothfuss has created a legendary tale, with a rich tapestry of characters, a completely immersive world, and a completely bizarre string of events that is especially epic.

Kvothe is a strong main character that is very human and flawed, but also incredibly brilliant and brave. This is not a story of a man who instantly becomes a hero, but rather the story of a boy who struggles through life, succeeds and fails, and happens upon adventure along the way. 

Perfect for lovers of epic fantasy, magic, and big, big books.

The River At Night // Erika Ferencik

A weekend getaway with a group of long time girlfriends takes a bit of an unexpected turn in Erika Ferencik's latest novel. Exciting, bitter cold, and terrifyingly fun, this is a perfect thriller for the fall. It is a story of adventure and horror, but it also ties in themes of friendship, and what loving someone should actually look like. 

This book moves and flows perfectly. It’s fast paced, but in a way where she beautifully lets you rest between the book’s highs and lows. The narrative is intentional, and creates a physiological response from the reader. This book depicts the reality of friendship in a beautiful yet heartbreaking way. These four women all had sticky lives, and real problems, and it made the circumstances surrounding these characters seem more authentic.

This book comes highly recommended, for good reason. It is a fun and fast paced thriller that will surely help you to settle into sweater weather.

Sweetgirl // Travis Mulhauser

Sweetgirl follows a young girl - Percy - who finds an infant in an abandoned room in the middle of a brutal Michigan snow storm. You follow Percy as she tries to rescue this baby to safety, while having psychotic predators on her coattails throughout her expedition. 

This novel is far more witty, warm, and funny, than it has any right to be. This book is filled with numbingly dark circumstances; however, the author has an incredible talent for respectfully brightening circumstances by using humor, and also by using the warmth of love, hope, tenderness, and the chance of change.

This book is a literary thriller that will break your heart, only to stitch it back together again with brave love. It is not for the fainthearted, but it's worth it in the end.







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