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Perfect Beach Reads: 5 Recommendations

Perfect Beach Reads: 5 Recommendations

I personally LOVE to read on the beach. I grew up in Southwest Michigan, and spent every weekend soaking up the sun on the Lake Michigan Beaches, with a good book in hand. There is nothing quite like sitting on top of the dunes, feet buried in the warm sand,  enjoying a story in a world that isn’t quite your own.

I have put together a list of books that I personally think are perfect beach reads. These are obviously just my opinions, based off of the books that I like to read, so keep that in mind!

Without further adue, here is the list!


  • For those of you that enjoy a little nonfiction, this book is perfect. I have a review for this book up on my blog, so if you want to hear my full, non spoilery thoughts you can do so here. But, this book is beautifully written, and will completely transport you to those fascinating Australian beach coves, and fully immerse you in the beauty that lies on that amazing continent. 


  • I have really been wanting to re-read this book lately, simply because the writing is absolutely DELICIOUS. This book is flat out beautiful. When I think of a perfect day, I think of a day on the beach, with a glass of Cabernet in hand, and this book flopped on my lap. This book is not extremely plot driven, and is mainly a coming of age story of a young girl who moved to NYC to start over. The story follows our main character as she starts her job as a backwaiter at a Union Square restaurant, and learns the ins and outs of excellent food service, extravagant food, and fine wine. The characters in this book were so raw and authentic, and I felt so connected as a reader. This is a perfect beach read for those that just love fantastic prose, and a very character driven, literary fiction, novel. I also have a full review for this book here.


  • Perfect for those craving a trip to Italy (yes please). This book is a little heavier than the other two I have already mentioned. As a disclaimer, the story deals with mental health, specifically, Anorexia. This novel is an excellent debut, published by one of my favorite indie publishers, Unnamed Press (REPRESENT!). On top of this book being wonderfully written, I just adored our main protagonist, Hannah, and I really felt connected to her and her struggles. I really enjoyed the romance in this book, and I felt that the pacing of their love story was done very well. This book made me crave a vacation so deeply, so I just think this book would be easily devoured on the beach! I have a full review for this one here.


  • This book was not one of my favorites by any means that I read this year, but for lovers of contemporary YA, I think this would be a perfect choice for a beach read. This story is about a surfer girl from Cali, who ends up having to spend her summer away from home to take care of a sick relative. While she is staying with said relative, she takes on a new summer sport, and ends up learning a lot about life and love, and the romance in this book was super cute. This is definitely a light and fluffy read, so if that is something you enjoy for the hot summer months, then definitely pick this one up for your trip to the beach!


  • And last but NOT least, for those of you that want something a little more thrilling and dark, this one is for you! This book was one of my favorite reads of 2016! It follows four women, all best friends, as they attempt a white water rafting "vacation" for their yearly "girlfriends" retreat. This "vacation," goes terribly wrong, and a whole set of horrifying events ensue, making this a twisty and exciting thriller. This book is gripping, suspenseful, excellently written, and also manages to deal with very poignant topics of friendship, loss, and life in general. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, and is absolutely a book that you can devour in one sitting (I certainly did). This book is perfect if you just have a couple hours on the beach, and want something that will keep you entertained and thrilled, and that you can finish quickly. I have a full review for this one here.
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