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Girl Unknown // Karen Perry

Girl Unknown // Karen Perry


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'I think you might be my father . . .'

When first-year student Zoë Barry walks into Professor David Connolly's office and tentatively says these words, he is left reeling. But it is the lives of his family - particularly his wife Caroline - which are turned upside down by the arrival of this stranger.

A daughter, a sister, a friend . . . an enemy?

Though no one knows quite who Zoë is, she is soon entangled in their lives. Yet her stories don't ring true and Caroline is determined to learn if the girl is the unlucky innocent she claims to be or someone with a far darker agenda.

A deadly cuckoo in the nest . . . Because by letting Zoë in, David and Caroline aren't just leaving themselves vulnerable. They're risking the most precious thing in the world - the lives of their children . . 

Thoughts // Review

Girl Unknown by Karen Perry was an easily consumable thriller. The characters were interesting, and I really enjoyed the domestic feel about the narrative. This is definitely a book that covers more family drama and character development than it does any mystery or suspense. 

I felt engaged throughout the novel, but there didn't really seem to be much to "figure out," and there wasn't any big reveal to be shocked by at any point throughout the novel. As someone who isn't even great at guessing endings or "twists," I was pretty disappointed by this.

This was a pretty gray read, and there weren't many (honestly ANY) happy moments. This is a kind of story I personally enjoy, so I thought this element of the book was enjoyable. It was dark, and eerie and this made me want to keep going, even though I wasn't exactly dying to know "what was going to happen next." 

All in all, I thought this book was just okay. It was easy to read and I had the desire to follow through with the read till the end. I think I was just expecting more of a thriller and a mystery, so it let me down there.

I think if you enjoy more domestic dramas with a bit of an eerie element to add some flavor, then you will enjoy this book. I think I would have enjoyed it more had I known that going in. 

My Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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