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All The Names They Used For God // Anjali Sachdeva

All The Names They Used For God // Anjali Sachdeva

Synopsis [copied from goodreads]

A haunting, diverse debut story collection that explores the isolation we experience in the face of the mysterious, often dangerous forces that shape our lives

Anjali Sachdeva's debut collection spans centuries, continents, and a diverse set of characters but is united by each character's epic struggle with fate: A workman in Andrew Carnegie's steel mills is irrevocably changed by the brutal power of the furnaces; a fisherman sets sail into overfished waters and finds a secret obsession from which he can't return; an online date ends with a frightening, inexplicable dissapearance. Her story "Pleiades" was called "a masterpiece" by Dave Eggers. Sachdeva has a talent for creating moving and poignant scenes, following her highly imaginative plots to their logical ends, and depicting how one small miracle can affect everyone in its wake.

Thoughts // Review

Sachdeva’s debut release is a compelling collection of short stories, that is both eclectic yet homey.

There was not a collection that I did not like, and all of the stories stuck with me even days after completion. Each story took time to develop each character and each story, completely immersing the reader into every individual narrative. I rarely read a collection that takes such delicate time in fleshing out so many important themes in such short amounts of time. 

My favorite stories in the collection were Manus and Glass Lung. Manus, the only science fiction story in the entire collection (which I loved!), was the perfect blend of vanilla simplicity and complete eccentricity. Glass Lung, a story of a Danish immigrant whose life is altered by an incident with an ancient Egyptian artifact, was compelling in its diversity and unique premise. 

This is an excellent collection that I highly recommend. It was unique, and perfectly literary, and we will definitely be hearing many good things about this debut collection upon its release in February

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

*A big thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing my copy in exchange for an honest review*

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